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Tap Fees & Permits

2024 Tap Fee Costs

Please note that these fees are for Willowbrook Water & Sanitation, Lakehurst as well as for Metro Water Recovery and do not include the fees due to Denver Water.  Please call them for their rates at 303-628-6100, option 3. Please call our office to confirm the amount as certain areas might have additional charges.  Allow 24-hours for paperwork to be prepared when purchasing a tap.

If you are a contractor/developer/excavating company, please note the following district requirements.

How to Obtain a Water Tap & Meter 

A water tap requires an accurate legal description and numeric service address before a license can be processed.  You must first request a Letter of Water and Sewer Availability in order to get your building permit from Jefferson County.  Once you are ready to build, you must call our office 24-hours in advance to request the paperwork and to set up a time to come into the office to pay fees.  Once you pay our office and acquire the paperwork, you must also pay Denver Water for their water tap charges.

Availability of Water and Sewer Service 

The District has limited capacity for single-family or equivalent single-family and sewer taps within its service area.

The District will certify to availability of water and sewer service to the extent of it’s capacity for single-family dwelling units.  Certification of availability of water and sewer service for all multi-family dwelling units, commercial and industrial users will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

Inclusion of land into the District boundaries must be approved by the Board of Directors.  The District may limit availability of water and sewer service to lands so included.

Water FeesFees (3/4")Fees (1") 2 EQVFees (1 1/2") 4 EQVFees (2") 8 EQV
 Sewer (Coon Creek) South of Belleview Acres and East of AlkireFees (3/4") 1 EQV COM 2.0 EQVFees (1") 4.8 EQVFees (1 1/2") 11 EQFees (2") 20 EQV
Metro Water Recovery$5,520.00$26,496.00$60,720.00$110,400.00
Sewer Fees (Weaver Gulch) (Rest of DistrictFees (3/4") 1 EQV COM 2.0 EQV;Fees (1") 4.8 EQVFees (1 1/2") 11 EQFees (2") 20 EQV
Metro Water Recovery$5,520.00$26,496.00$60,720.00$110,400.00
Totals for Sewer & WaterFees (3/4")Fees (1")Fees (1 1/2")Fees (2")
Water Only$10,492.00$20,584.00$41,003.00$81,280.00
North Coon Creek$21,070.00$71,138.00$156,781.00$291,738.00
Weaver Gulch$21,145.00$71,498.00$157,606.00$293,238.00