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What happens if my water service is interrupted? 

There can be several reasons why water service can be interrupted such as a delinquent bill causing shut off of water from our office, District crews are in the area flushing hydrants, repairing main breaks, installing new pipes, etc.  This might cause a slight difference in the taste or odor of the water once turned back on.  Please note that the water is perfectly safe to drink.

What happens when a main break occurs 

Our crews isolate the pipe by shutting off valves and temporarily placing the water supply out of service for a short period of time.  After repair or replacement of the broken pipe, it is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and flushed prior to being reconnected to the system.  New pipe can produce a new pipe taste and/or odor.  This is not uncommon and will usually go away after a few weeks.  Is is not harmful in anyway. 

What can happen when the water service has been disturbed? 

As in a water main break or a hydrant being used, air pockets often form within the water pipes.  Natural mineral scale is on the inside of the pipes, and disturbances in the flow of the water from the above activities often cause mineral scale to slough off and discolor the water or produce particulate matter.  Try to avoid using hot water during this event, otherwise flushing the hot water system will be necessary.