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Taking Care of Trees During a Drought

During a drought, woody shrubs and trees are susceptible to numerous environmental threats.  The importance of maintaining healthy trees and shrubs should be paramount in the fall months, as they will likely succumb to disease and pests during the winter and springs months if not properly maintained.

Considering the water restrictions in place in Colorado, consumers are urged to apply all outdoor designated watering days to deep root feeding of trees and large shrubs in order to keep the existing root systems healthy and improve likelihood of survival during a drought season.


Two inches of absorbed water will last 7 to 10 days if the base and surrounding areas are well saturated.  Keep the area free of weeds, which are also seeking water.  Focus watering efforts on hardiest, most well established areas.


Apply at least 3 to 4 inches deep and out to the dripline to eliminated evaporation from the extending feeder roots which may be just under the first layer of soil.  Avoid putting mulch against the trunk of the tree, as it can harbor insects and diseases.


Minimal pruning is suggested this year.  Removing too much foliage or too many limbs will leave already thirsty trunks and branches open to sunburn.