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Rates & Surcharges


In response to increases in master meter water rates and service fees from Denver Water, increases in treatment costs from Metro Water Recovery, and to cover increases Willowbrook’s own costs for operations, maintenance, and capital improvements, the Willowbrook Water and Sanitation District Board of Directors voted to increase our rates for both water and sewer service by 6.1%.  The new rates, effective January 1, 2024, are listed below. 

Base Water Charge:$33.00 monthly
Metered Water Usage: (in thousands)$5.56 - 0 to 7,000 gallons, $6.46 - 7,001 to 15,000 gallons, $7.71 - over 15,001 gallons
Base Wastewater Charge:$29.38 monthly

Miscellaneous Charges

Shut Off Service$50
Turn On Service$30
Final Bill$20
Return Check$30
Unauthorized Water Turn On$500
Meter Accuracy Verification$155
Labor Rates$35/hour
Public Record Research 
1st hourNo Charge
Each Additional Hour$30/hour
Document Copies$0.25 per page

Payment Options

Auto Payment

This service is offered at no charge.  The amount for your water bill will be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account on the 25th of your due date month.  You will still receive a bill at the beginning of the month, giving you time to plan for the withdrawal.  Customers can sign up for the service at any time by requesting an Authorization for Automatic Payment Withdrawal Form from our District Office or by printing this form.

Willowbrook Water & Sanitation District Authorization for Automatic Payment Withdrawal

Online Pay

We also offer an easy online payment option for you to conveniently pay your bill. Click here.