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Is Your Lawn Too Far Gone?

Kentucky Bluegrass and Fine Fescues will become dormant for several months and can survive without any irrigation.  Recovery is usually complete once irrigation is resumed.

Tall Fescues may thin heavily under prolonged summer drought, as they are not able to become dormant as easily as bluegrass.

Ryegrass does not become dormant and will die from lack of irrigation.

If your bluegrass lawn is mostly dormant this fall season, core aeration will expose the root system to even more dehydration, and is NOT recommended.

Fertilizers for growth are also not recommended.  If your turf is mostly dormant at this time, weed patches are more visible and it would be beneficial to apply a quick-release weed killer to the affected areas or apply spot treatments.  Those pesky weeds will also be competing for water in the spring.

Heavy foot traffic can also affect your lawn’s recovery in the spring.  Drought-stressed lawns are easily damaged.